Meet Packing List

Meets are held in all weather conditions* and it’s best to be prepared for cold, soggy evenings at the beginning of the season.

Here are some of our Royals “Pack It” Tips for a successful Summer swim meet season!

Royals “Pack It” Tips

  • Team swimsuit—arrive wearing the suit.
  • Warm cover-ups—it can be cold when meets begin in the spring. Don’t forget sweats, and a jacket. Bring extras!
  • Team swim cap— Have a backup in case it tears.
  • Goggles—racing pair and backup pair.
  • Towels—at least one per every two events. Smaller shammy-type towels are ideal.
  • Picnic blanket and bleacher cushion or folding chair—some facilities don’t have room for chairs.
  • All host teams provide concessions or food trucks, but you can bring snacks or dinner in a cooler if you prefer.
  • Always have a water bottle handy. The best time for swimmer to eat is when they have a longer break between events.
  • List of current times and goal times—this is handy if attached to the swim bag as well.
  • Sharpie pen in a dark color, preferable fine-point or ultra-fine-point to “Tattoo” your swimmer’s races on their arm.
  • Extra dose of determination and Team Spirit!

Go Royals!

* We practice and compete in all weather conditions except lightening storms. All swimmers exit the pool during a thunder/lightening storm. If there has been no thunder/lightening for 30 minutes, swimmers may get back in the pool.