Meets: What to Expect?

Swim meets are fun, fast-paced, energetic events that usually last 3-4 hours. The aim of all of the Royals team is to enjoy ourselves and below are some of our Royals Top Tips for a successful Summer swim meet season.


All swimmers should arrive in time for warm-up regardless of when their first event is. Warm-up is important for acclimating a swimmer to the specific pool and its starting blocks. Every pool “feels” different. Coach’s rules of warm-up should be followed regarding circle laps, passing and other etiquette. It is very important for you to warm up with your team. Your body is just like a car on a cold day, it needs to get the engine going and warmed up before it can go all-out. Royals warm up first at Home meets (4:45pm) and second at Away meets (5:15pm).

Volunteer Duties

When you register your child for the team, your family are responsible to fulfil volunteer positions either prior, during or after meets. In order for Home meets to run smoothly, all parents need to remember to report for their volunteer duties with the on-deck Meet Volunteer Check-in Co-ordinator. For more information visit our Family Participation page.

Swimmer Events

Typically coaches try to enter each swimmer in two events per meet, but this will depend on what strokes your child is able to swim legally as well as how many swimmers are in their age group. If a swimmer cannot be put in a regular event, they may swim in an exhibition heat.

Swimmer Event “Tattoos”

At the beginning of each meet you will be given a heat sheet with your swimmer’s events. The best way for your swimmer to keep up with his events and strokes is to write them on his/her arm with a sharpie pen.

For example:

 #35 25Fr H____ L____

 #43 50Br H____ L____

Get Your Royal To The Starting Block

The meets move very quickly, so pay attention and teach your younger Royals to get to the starting block at least two events before they swim. The meet won’t wait for your swimmer. For relay events, our teenage Royals help the younger Royals get to their proper starting positions. This is a fun way for swimmers of all ages to interact.

Swimmer Etiquette

Proper swimmer etiquette is for swimmers to remain in the water until all swimmers have finished the race, then to shake hands with the swimmers on either side of them before exiting the pool.

Always Encourage Your Royal

Congratulate your swimmer after each race and be sure to cheer for your teammates. The Summer swim season is competitive, however, at Royals we believe it is more about enjoying the outdoors, being with friends and watching the kids have fun.

Team Sportsmanship & Leave No Trace

Ways to show excellent team sportsmanship:

  • Cheer on Royals swimmers during races.
  • Congratulate race swimmers and Royals teammates saying “Nice race” (not “I beat you” or “I got a better time than you”).
  • Cleaning your “hang out” area after practice and at meets (home and away).
  • No trash should be left behind on deck or in the park.
  • Help Royals Coaches set-up and clean-up after practices.
  • Tell our Royals Coaches what a great job they’re doing!

Always Report Times to the Coaches

After your Royal’s event, the timers will give your swimmer their race time which your Royal should report to the Coaches. This gives the Coaches an opportunity to congratulate your swimmer and give feedback on their race.

Go Royals!