Meet Guidelines

The Midlakes Swim League is returning to a pre-pandemic meet schedule with two in-person dual meets per week.  See 2023 Meet Schedule for details.

Meet Information

Midlakes swim meets begin in mid-June and conclude by the third week of July.

  • We begin our swim season participating Kingsgate Invitational, which is a non-competitive meet between our fellow Kingsgate teams – Monarchs, Gators and High Woodlands.
  • There are 5 weeks of dual swim meets (dual meaning one home meet at Kingsgate Royals pool and one away meet per week) and one week of championship meets.
  • Warm-ups are required by all swimmers, do not be late. Coaches make final adjustments to the relay teams during the warm-up session after they’ve been able to confirm which swimmers are present.
    • Home meet warm-ups are at 4:45pm
    • Away meet warm-ups are at 5:15pm
  • See the Away Pools page for location and directions.

Meets begin at 6:00pm.

We practice and compete in all weather conditions except lightening storms. All swimmers exit the pool during a thunder/lightening storm. If there has been no thunder/lightening for 30 minutes, swimmers may get back in the pool.

Division and League Meets

There are 2 levels of swim meets in the Midlakes Swim League. The level at which your child swims is based on his or her swim times. Meets are categorized as Division and League Meets*.  

  • All swimmers participate in Division Meets. Division Meets are for swim times slower than League times, allowing for greater swimming participation. However, if a swimmer has earned a BDQ time (League time) for a specific stroke, they cannot swim that stroke at a Division Meet.
  • League Meets are for more advanced swim times. Even if your swimmer doesn’t have a League time, they may still participate in a League Meet but swim fewer events than in a Division Meet.
  • Exhibition heats are also run at both League and Division Meets. These heats aren’t scored but give swimmers a chance to practice a stroke in competition. Exhibition heats also allow more swimmers to participate at meets.


Ribbons earned by swimmers for placing in competition can be found in each swimmer team folder located in the pool house foyer. Sometimes it takes a day or two for the ribbons to be processed, especially after Away Meets.

Team Suit

Order Kingsgate Royals Swimsuit here:

  • Our Kingsgate Royals Swim Team suit must be worn at all official Midlakes meets – Kingsgate Invitational, Division Dual Meets, Championship Meets etc.
  • The Kingsgate Royals Swim Team suits are royal blue, black and white ONLY. No colored suits of any kind are permitted.