Our Philosophy

A Tradition of Excellence

Kingsgate Royals – A Tradition of Excellence:

  • Summer swim team involves commitment, self-improvement, character-building, socializing, and lots of fun.
  • When we become members of a team, it is like being part of a family – in order for it to succeed, everyone has to participate. 
  • We keep a positive attitude in all situations choosing to lift each other up, and not put each other down. 
  • We volunteer, and swim in events, even if it’s not our favorite thing. 
  • We are open to change and help out wherever there is a need. 

We have a great time swimming, meeting new people, spending time with your family and extended family of friends, learning to do new things, and being successful. 

That is the Royal’s tradition – a tradition of excellence.

Our Philosophy

The Kingsgate Royals is a community swim team that seeks to provide an opportunity for all swimmers, regardless of ability, to reach their highest potential in a safe and fun environment.  Our program emphasizes swimming fundamentals and stroke technique at all age levels so that swimmers have the tools they need to swim their personal best in competition. They will also develop skills that will serve them as lifelong swimmers. 

We encourage team camaraderie between all swimmers and parents in the spirit of team unity and sportsmanship.


Royals Bylaws and Addendum

Royals Articles of Incorporation