Our Team

The Kingsgate Royals are a Summer recreational swim team program consisting of approximately 120 swimmers based at the Kingsgate 1&2 Pool in Kirkland, WA and we compete against Division members of the Midlakes Swim League.

In order to become a Royal, a swimmer must be

  • at least 5 years old
  • able to swim the length of the pool in freestyle
  • mature enough to take instruction from the Royal Coaches
  • able to show respect towards Royals Coaches and teammates, competing swimmers and their teams, Team and Midlakes Officials.

Our program encourages the sport of swimming for all children ranging in age from 5 – 18 years old, with an emphasis on technique, sportsmanship and, most importantly, fun!

2023 Kingsgate Royals Board

The Kingsgate Royals swim team is managed by a Volunteer Board, consisting of both HOA and swim-only families.

Co-Presidents Katie Corcoran & Jill Fletcher

Secretary Brook Sattler

Registrar Julie Hageman

Treasurer Heidi Thompson

Volunteer Coordinator Lisa Flannery (Non-Board Position)

Communication & Website Coordinator Hélène Cagney (Non-Board Position)

For all questions related to administration (such as dues, safety or policy issues) please contact the Kingsgate Royals Board at board.kingsgateroyals@gmail.com (all Board members will receive your correspondence simultaneously).  

2023 Kingsgate Royals Coaching Team

We are here to support your needs. If you have any questions or concerns regarding workouts, meets, events, goal setting or other swimming-related needs, email: Kingsgate Royals Coaches. For more information visit Our Coaches page.

Head Coach – Tate Anderson

Assistant Coach – Emma Ulvin

Assistant Coach – Laney Brackett

Other Kingsgate 1&2 Contacts

Kingsgate 1&2 Pool Manager: Terra Hutchinson

Kingsgate 1&2 Park Director: Keith Hodo