Practice Guidelines

Parenting A Royal

The swim season is a short 8-week commitment!

  • Give your Royal the best opportunity to succeed by getting them to practice daily. If you cannot attend a practice, please communicate directly with the Kingsgate Royals Coaching Team.
  • Be on time! Practices are short and jam-packed with essential technique coaching.
  • Most kids don’t have access to swimming year-round. Just by coming to practice, many swimmers can show dramatic improvement over the course of the season, increasing their satisfaction and making it even more fun for you to watch your child swim.

Practice Guidelines

  • Be on time – ready to get in the water and warm up as soon as the swimmers before you are out of the pool and your practice begins.
  • Swim in your assigned lane and LISTEN when the coach is talking.
  • Follow the coach’s directions – ask if you don’t understand.
  • NO bottom walking–that is not a recognized event and messes up your conditioning.
  • If you have long hair, you MUST wear a cap and well-fitting goggles are recommended.
  • Get out of the pool immediately when practice is over so the next group can get in.

We practice and compete in all weather conditions except lightening storms. All swimmers exit the pool during a thunder/lightening storm. If there has been no thunder/lightening for 30 minutes, swimmers may get back in the pool.