What to Expect?

Matches – Things to know

  • Please arrive at least 15 – 20 minutes before the start time. Games begin on time per schedule.
  • Players can wear their home Midlakes Swim Team swimsuits or any other suit. (NOTE: Year-round water polo club suits are not allowed ie ex-Rain City and Northwest).
  • No goggles worn by players.
  • Coach Tate will provide player caps for each match.
  • Games are fast and players are substituted throughout the game.
  • Match Quarters: 6 minutes running time (10&U is 5 minutes). Clock will stop only for goals and time outs.
  • If your player cannot stay the entire morning or will arrive late, please let Coach Tate know directly so he can readjust his roster as needed.
  • No concessions are available to purchase at Away Pools.
  • Ensure your player and family packs lots of water and snacks.
  • Last year, we were able to find seating poolside at all locations as Water Polo is not as busy as swim meets, let’s hope it will be the same this year. If you want, bring a blanket / chairs and leave them in the car. You can always pop back out and get them once your player in warming up in the pool.
  • Please be respectful of our Host Clubs and do not visit areas outside the match competition confines.
  • Midlakes Water Polo is casual and fun, please ensure your player and their guests display good sportsmanship.
  • For pool address information and directions to each game, visit our Away Pools page.

Go Kingsgate!

Kingsgate Team Names (10&U and 12&U)

Due to the amazing registration in both the 10&U and 12&U age groups, this Season we will have two teams (named after the colors of our logo):

Kingsgate Blue

Kingsgate Yellow

Coach Tate has done his best to assign players to each team as evenly as possible, taking into account age and ability, to allow all players a chance to play and have fun.